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We spent a week in Jamaica near the town of Lucea. So instead of spending our time amongst the tourists and resorts, we spent it amongst the locals from around a fishing village.

As with many places around the world, the poverty in Jamaica is widespread. A lot of people live in shanty homes (many of which sit unfinished for years due to financial constraints), and luxuries like stereos, or even a third pair of pants, often don't come easy.

Of course, they live in Jamaica so they don't really seem to mind too much. It's a struggle, but it's also a paradise.

But that doesn't mean they don't dream...

While we were there we met Jucey, a portly fellow with a great sense of humor and a lot of smarts. He was our host at the villa and we got to know him pretty well as we spent each evening out on the porch, under the stars, wiling away the hours talking about life, love, death and everything in between.

Jucey works hard to take care of his four-year-old daughter. He receives a small stipend for all he does at the villa (host, security, gardener, maintenance), and barters with the other locals, trading work for necessities. He makes money wherever he can.

Jucey dreams of being a DJ-for-hire 'cuz in Jamaica there can be a lot of jobs for that sort of thing (not to mention having some kickass bass carries a certain status). He has been building his sound system for several years and is getting pretty close to having it complete. But those last subwoofers he needs are cost-prohibitive at this point.

So, in an effort to help our brutha Jucey realize his dream of having dat superior bass, mon, all proceeds from CHRISTMAS IN JAMAICA downloads will go in to the JUCEY SPEAKER FUND in the hopes that we can help him realize his dream sooner than later.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Enjoy the song.



going to jamaica
but our flight's delayed
sitting in atlanta
waiting on the rain
suddenly the sunshine
is peeking through the sky
so we're flying to jamaica
for a peaceful time

christmas in jamaica
listen to the bass all day long
christmas in jamaica
we listen to the bass all night long
suddenly the rain
is falling on my face
welcome to the rain
it wash away the bass

then the sunshine come
and the sea is warm
and then out of the air
comes the reggae horn

driving in jamaica
we're passing on the right
driving in jamaica
very fast at night
then a flashing light
from a man in dreads
warning of the speed trap
waiting just ahead

jucey wen to lucea
to see a man about a goat
the man said,
"i got none, you should try the fishiing boat."
so we had a little snapper
marva cook it with the spice
and we ate it with the bread fruit
and the beans and rice

then the sunshine come
and the sea is warm
and then out of the air
comes the reggae horn

jumping in jamaica
off the waterfall
jumping in jamaica
at the reggae dance hall
suddenly the rhythm
is burning in my brain
suddenly the bass
is rising up again

new years in jamaica
at the marketplace
eat a sour sop
get a sticky face
buy some dennis brown
from the man who is selling cds
build a big bonfire
in the middle of the trees

then the sunshine come
and the sea is warm
and then out of the air
comes the reggae horn


released April 17, 2016
Written December 2015 by Ned, Marta, Jeri, Phil, Joe and Alice while vacationing in Jamaica.

Performed and Recorded at Timber Trout Studios (Oakland,CA & Boston, MA) January-March 2016 by Ned, KC, Ish, Marta, Jeri, Joe and Phil.



all rights reserved


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The band broke up in 1996.
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